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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust
Removal System


AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust System Filters & Online Ordering

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust System includes a "4-stage" HVAC industry standard sized filter set, classified and tested to UL and HEPA standards.

Filter Replacement Online Ordering

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$470 per pack
$120 per box

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AIRVAC 911® "4-Stage" Filter Pack

AIRVAC 911 4 stage filter pack

(Stage 1) Pre-Filter

24" x 24" x 1". 3-Ply polyester construction. Two layers of 16/40 dual Denier poly fibers with a final dust catching adhesive layer. Self-sealing filter with preinstalled internal heavy gage wire frame. Performance based on ASHRAE 52.1-1992 test method. Classified as a UL class 2 filter, according to UL standard 900 and can 4-S111.

(Stage 2) Main Media Filter

24" x 24" x 6". "HEPA MAX 3000" high efficiency particulate Air filter. DOP tested with 0.3 micrometer sized particles to have a minimum efficiency of up to 99% and exceeds the maximum efficiency of 98% ASHRAE 52.1 tested filters. Consists of a pleated media pack enclosed within a galvanized steel frame assembly. Ultra-fine fiberglass media formed in a series of pleats separated by corrugated aluminum dividers to maintain uniform spacing between each pleat for optimal airflow. Classified class 2 According to UL standard 900 and is classified MERV 16 in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.2. For installation safety, total weight not to exceed 16 lbs.

(Stages 3 & 4) Gas-phase Extractor

24" x 24" x 4", "MULTISORB 3000" blended gas phase extractor. 50/50 respirator grade activated carbon graduals effect for removal of high weight molecular gases within diesel exhaust (VOC's, hydrocarbons, benzene, octane, methanol and more) and potassium permanganate for removal of light weight molecular gases (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and more). Each filter is constructed within a 24GA metal frame with internal "honeycomb" containment structure. 50/50 blend equates to 15+/- lbs. each. For installation safety, total weight not to exceed 30+/- lbs.

Watch the Filter Replacement Video

AIRVAC 911 System video holder image

Filter replacement for the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust System is a simple task as shown here in this Filter Replacement video. Should you have any questions, please refer to the product guide or contact customer service with any questions about the replacement of a filter pack for your AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust System.