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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust
Removal System


Frequently Asked Questions of the AIRVAC 911® System

Is AIRVAC 911® a FEMA “Fire Act” approved system?

Yes. The AIRVAC 911® System is a compliant exhaust removal system under the FEMA Grant Program “Fire Operations and Firefighters Safety” Activity: c) Modifications to fire stations and facilities.

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Can I amend my current FEMA Fire Act Grant to use the AIRVAC 911® System?

Yes you can! In fact, amending the grant is VERY easy to do. As a result, we can save you tens of thousands of dollars on a completely installed AIRVAC 911® System AND all of the “excess funds can be used to create or expand a fire prevention program”

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Is the AIRVAC 911® System affordable?

YES! A Complete AIRVAC 911® System for your entire apparatus area will initially cost 1/3 that of a hose or canister system.

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Does the AIRVAC 911® System meet the most current 2013 edition of NFPA 1500 -9.1.6/OSHA Guidelines?

YES, due to our ability to remove gases and particulate AUTOMATICALLY, 100% of the time, (e.g. engine exhaust backwash) the AIRVAC 911® System is more efficient over a 24 hour period than other products on the market.

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What is the Warranty on the AIRVAC 911® System?

FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY on each AIRVAC 911® unit. Regardless of who does the installation, an AVC Technician or if the installation is done “in house” does not affect the warranty.

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How efficient is the AIRVAC 911® System?

Each unit contains a "4-stage" filter pack. The heart of our filter bank is the High Efficiency "HEPA MAX 3000" high efficiency particulate Air filter. DOP tested with 0.3 micrometer sized particles to have a minimum efficiency of up to 99.97% combined with the "MULTISORB 3000" blended gas phase extractor. 50/50 respirator grade activated carbon granules for removal of high weight molecular gases within diesel exhaust (VOC's, hydrocarbons, benzene, octane, methanol and more) and potassium permanganate for removal of light weight molecular gases (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and more).Back to top

Installation: is it a lengthy and costly process?

Installation is simple and does not require any structural changes. The system can be performed by an AVC technician or a local electrician. Units are ceiling hung via chain or threaded rod. We do not require any structural changes to your station (e.g. holes in the wall/roof or additional ceiling supports). Units are generally mounted in between bays, thus eliminating any interference with vehicle movement. Power is then supplied to each unit's location (Standard 110/220 Volt, Single Phase. Other options are available) through our AVEC Smart Timer Control with activation devices being low voltage and powered out of the AVEC Control (photo eyes, door switches, push buttons, gas sensors and more). It's that easy.Back to top

How long will my filters last?

The life of the filter pack is dependent upon the activity level of the station (ave. no. runs per year). We will be able to give you an approximate filter life expectancy upon receiving your “FREE Quotation” form.

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How do I know when it is time to change my filters?

A highly visible Dwyer filter gauge on the unit indicates when the filters require replacement.

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Does the AIRVAC 911® System duct & exhaust to the outdoor environment?

NO! Each unit is 100% Self Contained. NO heating or cooling loss. NO exhausting of polluted air to the outdoor environment in violation of EPA guidelines.

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Does the system remove gases?

Yes, each unit is installed with 30 lbs. +/- of chemically treated carbon specifically formulated to remove diesel exhaust gases.

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How are the dimensions the AIRVAC 911® unit?

Each unit is 26" wide X 25" deep X 29" high, with an approximate weight of 190 lbs. All units hang from the ceiling and do not interfere with daily activity. We have designed the units to be compact and non-obstructive.

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GSA contract?

YES, Air Vacuum Corporation is a fully registered company with the US Government (GSA Contract # GS-07F-0437M.) To see our list of products please visit the GSA Advantage website.

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Made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, Air Vacuum Corporation is a registered Corporation within the United States (New Hampshire) and all products are fully manufactured and assembled within the USA to the highest quality standards.

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