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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust
Removal System


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2017 Trade Show Schedule





FDIC Indianapolis, IN Booth #930 April 24 - 29
OAFC Toronto Canada Booth #920 May 7 - 8
Station Design Conference Ft. Worth, TX Booth #1 May 3 - 5
Fire Expo 2017 Harrisburg, PA Booth #511 May 19 - 21
NYAFC Turning Stone Casino, NY Booth #2219 June 15 - 17
NEAFC Foxwoods Resort, CT Booth #803 June 22 - 24
IAFC Charlotte, NC Booth #628 July 26 - 29
FIERO Raleigh, NC Booth #1 Sept 25 - 27
Firehouse Expo 2017 Nashville, TN Booth #425 Oct 10 - 16



(April 2017) Officials have moved forward on a plan approved by New Ipswich voters to install a new exhaust system in the fire department that will remove toxic diesel fumes and make the air safer to breath. The equipment will protect the health of firefighters and cost $22,887, according to officials. The accepted proposal is from Air Vacuum Corporation.

Multiple possible types of systems were considered, including one that runs on a pulley and uses pipes to redirect fumes, and would have cost about $65,000. New Ipswich selectmen consulted an engineer and came up with the newer plan.

“That’s how we ended up with this one as the best one and at the best price for the department,” Fire Chief Meredith Lund said.
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Air Vacuum Corp. Equipment in Award Winning Conn. Fire Station

(2015) The Norwalk, Conn., Fire Department has been the recipient of the GOLD AWARD by Firehouse Magazine for outstanding architecture and fire station design for their new Headquarters Station. Utilizing the latest fire station design technology and current regulatory requirements the department has set the standard for new station design.

The Air Vacuum Corporation was selected to provide the latest technology for exhaust removal systems in providing a clean and healthy environment for personnel. The Airvac 911 exhaust removal system was designed exclusively for the environment created by apparatus diesel exhaust to remove the exposure by station personnel.
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(2014) Dover, NH - The Air Vacuum Corporation (AVC) is celebrating its twentieth year of manufacturing and installing its AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal Systems within Firehouses and EMS facilities. In 1994, the AIRVAC 911® product revolutionized the industry by offering hands-free, technologically advanced air purification for the removal of the hazardous emissions that public safety personnel are exposed to in the firehouse.

“In the 90’s we knew that fire fighters exposure to engine exhaust was harmful, but there were limited test results to back it up. Today, organizations such as the World Health Organization and OSHA have recognized that the elements of diesel exhaust are carcinogenic and hazardous. Our goal has always been to quickly reduce the exposure of these contaminants and create a healthier work environment for the employees” says Tom Vitko, Co-Founder of AVC.
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