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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust
Removal System


Testimonials and Customer Feedback

For 25 years AIRVAC 911 Engine Exhaust Removal Systems have been the center of many departments throughout the country. Hear what our current customers are saying about AIRVAC 911's impact on their departments.   

System Part of Focused Effort for Cancer Prevention

Estero Fire installed the AIRVAC 911® engine exhaust removal system in all of its stations as part of a focused effort to remove toxic diesel fumes and reduce the risk of cancer for firefighters. If you’re not getting hurt in the fire, the fumes absorb into your skin and if you don’t get rid of them later they can build up and cause cancer. With the AIRVAC 911® system we are getting rid of the smoke that comes into the bays from the exhaust of large fire trucks.

 - Estero Fire Department, FL

Best by Far for Safety Concerns

The City of Chattanooga Fire Department has installed the AIRVAC 911® System in four of our 20 fire halls and a new fire hall being built will also include the system. We have been more than satisfied with the systems’ performance and the ease of service. The AIRVAC systems are phasing out the current hose systems we have and are much more efficient and cheaper to maintain. We feel like the AIRVAC 911® System removed the fumes inside better than the hose system because of the area they cover. This eliminates having to hook up apparatus. In my opinion, these systems are the best by far for safety concerns about the air in fire hall bays.

 - City of Chattanooga Fire Department, TN

Hose Free System Improves Station Conditions Tremendously

The Mebane Fire Department has installed the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System at two of its stations. We are in the process of purchasing and installing the system in a third station. Having the AIRVAC 911® system has improved the conditions of our working environment tremendously. The automatic hands-free system works great for us. We don’t have to deal with hoses hanging from the ceiling or depend on a firefighter to jump off the truck and hook the hose up when entering the bay. We are thoroughly pleased with the systems and with Air Vacuum Corporation’s customer service.

 - City of Mebane, North Carolina

Completely Automatic System Doesn’t Rely on First Responders

I believe our AIRVAC 911® system is working great. Because it’s completely automatic, we don’t have to rely on any of our first responders to connect the system when they return to the station after a call. Within a few minutes of operation the system removes any indication of exhaust odor left in the apparatus bays. Our newly repainted walls are staying white!

 - City of Homer, Alaska