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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust
Removal System


The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System

More fire and EMS departments worldwide choose the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System to protect their employees from harmful fire engine and ambulance diesel exhaust.

That's because the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the most effective and efficient system on the market today. Fully automated and completely hands-free, this revolutionary design requires no hoses or vehicle hookups. Suspended from the ceiling, it requires no manual operation, and automatically activates and shuts down throughout the day. The only product on the market to remove "backwash," the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is NFPA 1500 and OSHA-compliant. Fire and EMS station employees can rest easy that this trusted & proven system is helping them reduce exposure to hazardous emmissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

AIRVAC 911 System installation in Westerly, RI

How it works with your operations

How the System Works

The AIRVAC 911® units are self-contained and suspended from the ceiling which insures they do not interfere with daily activities. All units are wired into a watertight NEMA 4 box UL 508 certified "Smart Timer" control panel which automatically activates & shuts down upon every call. Once activated the system runs for a preset time, generally 15–20 minutes, removing harmful gases and particulates automatically without interfering with daily operations. The AIRVAC 911® System addresses the complete apparatus bay areas 24/7/365.

Installation of the AIRVAC 911® System

Installing the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal system is simple and can be performed by an AIRVAC 911® technician or a local electrician. Units are ceiling hung via chain or threaded rod. We do not require any structural changes to your station (e.g. holes in the wall/roof or additional ceiling supports). Units are evenly spaced throughout the entire apparatus area and mounted above the apparatus, thus eliminating any interference with vehicle movement. Power is then supplied to each unit's location (110/220 Volt) through our AVEC "Smart Timer" Control Panel. A multitude of low voltage switches are available for automatically activating the system without requiring any hands-on involvement. It's that easy.

Manufacturer Direct

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the industry's original hoseless system manufactured and distributed directly by Air Vacuum Corporation. This eliminates the "middle man", keeps the cost down, and you deal directly with the people who know the equipment inside and out.

Multi-directional Vertical & Horizontal Airflow Design

Industry's only Vertical & Horizontal Airflow System

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the only hoseless system that incorporates the industry's most effective airflow design—the Coanda Airflow Design Principle. In head-to-head comparisons with horizontal systems, the AIRVAC 911® System's Unique Multi-directional Air Flow cleans air in a more uniform and natural pattern, at a higher efficiency than horizontal systems.

UL Certified AVEC "Smart Timer"

Each system is sold with a pre-wired custom UL certified AVEC "Smart Timer" control panel that is timed to operate the system and its activation devices. A standard activation package consists of door switches and photo eyes (trigger the system upon vehicle movement). Once the system is triggered by any one of the installed field devices it will run for a complete cycle and shut itself down automatically. This sequence will be repeated when a vehicle returns from a call. There are a number of options for controls, including zoning-where units in different bays can operate off one control; sequential activation, where units activate in pairs, decreasing amp load; and a variety of additional switching devices.

Only System to Eliminate "Exhaust Backwash"

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System is the only system on the market to eliminate the problem of "exhaust backwash" — the fumes that re-enter the building as vehicles leave and return.

AIRVAC 911 Four Stage Filter Pack

Four-Stage Filter Pack

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System comes with four fully adjustable air return vents for maximum airflow. Filters include a three ply polyester pre-filter, a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA MAX 3000) UL rated at 95% to 99.97% efficiency, and a two stage 30 lbs. +/- chemically treated carbon gas phase extractor (MULTISORB 3000) for both high weight molecular gases (benzene, octane, methanol and more) and a gas phase extractor to treat light weight gases (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde).

Best Warranty in the Industry

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System comes with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all unit components excluding consumable filters, the strongest in the industry.

Learn More with a Free Proposal

Submit a proposal form for a no-obligation proposal on the AIRVAC 911® systems for your facility. Our customer service team is available to answer the questions that you have to make the AIRVAC system work in all types of facility configurations. Fill out the form with as much information as you can provide so that we may tailor your proposal to the specifications that best match your facility.

Benefits for Fire Departments:

  • Removes gases, carcinogens and particulate
  • No hoses, canisters, hook-ups or vehicle connections
  • 100% self-contained and hands free
  • Fully-automatic
  • Highly affordable - 1/2 the cost of hose systems.
  • Easy to install LEED/GREEN design
  • Highly user friendly, compact and quiet.
  • No changes or disruption to daily operations—non-structural
  • Environmentally friendly - No exhausting outdoors.
  • Meets NFPA 1500, OSHA, IBOCA, EPA, GSA standards
  • Energy efficient—no heating or cooling loss
  • Limited Maintenance - only periodic filter changes.
  • Reduces emergency response time — nothing to disconnect or unhook
  • Only product on the market to remove engine "backwash"
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Benefits for EMS Facilities:

The same benefits as fire departments, plus:

  • Maintains internal temperature to protect temperature-sensitive medical equipment
  • Provides clean, safe environment for workers and patients
  • Eliminates particulate residue or contaminants on medical equipment
  • Able to install within low-ceiling area
  • Reduces emergency response time—nothing to disconnect or unhook.
  • Flexible - vehicles may park in any bay
AIRVAC 911 system installation Tully, NY